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Community Events Intern

Raleigh, NC, USA

Job Type



Job Title: Community Events Intern

Location: Remote (preference for candidates located in Raleigh, NC and surrounding area)

Company: Kindred Bookshop, Black feminist digital bookshop based in Raleigh, NC

Website: and

About Kindred Bookshop: Kindred Bookshop, a Black feminist-owned digital bookshop and marketplace, aims to inspire and empower our community of Black and Brown readers, authors, and entrepreneurs. Since our inception in 2023, we have been dedicated to celebrating diverse voices through curated book collections, engaging events, and a commitment to amplifying underrepresented narratives.

🎯 Goals

Our goals for you by the end of this internship:

  • Low level: Assist in the planning and execution of at least three community events, including book signings, author talks, or workshops.

  • Mid-level: Establish and maintain ongoing partnerships with at least five local community organizations or businesses, fostering long-term collaborations.

  • High level: Conceptualize and execute a signature event that showcases Kindred Bookshop's commitment to diversity and community engagement, attracting a significant audience and media attention.

🗒️ Core Responsibilities

  1. Event Coordination:

    • Assist in planning and coordinating community events, book launches, author talks, and workshops.

    • Coordinate event logistics, including venue booking, vendor management, and scheduling.

  2. Promotion and Outreach:

    • Collaborate with the marketing team to promote events through social media, email newsletters, and other marketing channels.

    • Reach out to local organizations, community groups, and media outlets to maximize event visibility and attendance.

  3. Attendee Engagement:

    • Provide support during events, including setting up and dismantling event spaces, managing attendee registration, and ensuring a positive experience for all participants.

    • Engage with attendees, answer questions, and facilitate discussions as needed.

  4. Post-Event Evaluation:

    • Assist in conducting post-event evaluations to gather feedback from attendees and stakeholders.

    • Compile event metrics and insights to inform future event planning and improvements.

  5. Community Building:

    • Contribute to building and nurturing relationships with community partners, authors, and local businesses.

    • Explore opportunities for collaboration and cross-promotion with community organizations.

💪 Our Ideal Candidate

  • Currently enrolled in an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree program in the Humanities or other major, and interested in developing their creative, professional, logistical, and event planning experience.

  • Passion for reading/literature, contributing to their local community, and social justice.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.

  • Familiarity and/or deep interest in event planning, creating inclusive community spaces, and programming aligned with our 2024 strategic vision.

  • Creative mindset with a mind for innovative community programming.

  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a remote setting.

⏱️ Workload

  • Time Commitment: This is a semester-long internship position (10-14 weeks), with a flexible schedule to accommodate coursework.

💰 Payment

  • Compensation: This is not a paid position.

  • Benefits: Flexible schedule, college credit, free books, professional networking, and resume-building experience.

💙 Perks & Workplace Culture

  1. Diverse and Inclusive Culture:

    • Join a workplace that values and celebrates all of your identities and passions. Kindred Bookshop is committed to creating an environment where everyone's voice is heard and respected.

  2. Passionate Community:

    • Be a part of a community of readers, authors, and book enthusiasts who are passionate about amplifying diverse voices and stories.

  3. Learning Opportunities:

    • Gain valuable experience in the book industry and digital marketing while working alongside experienced professionals who are dedicated to fostering growth.

  4. Remote Work Flexibility:

    • Enjoy the flexibility of a remote work environment, allowing you to contribute to the mission of Kindred Bookshop from the comfort of your own space.

  5. Networking Opportunities:

    • Connect with authors, influencers, and other industry professionals as you contribute to the social media presence of a bookshop dedicated to promoting diverse narratives.

  6. Discounts on Books:

    • Access exclusive discounts on the latest releases and curated book collections, fostering a love for literature while saving on your reading list.

  7. Collaborative Team Environment:

    • Work in a collaborative team environment where your ideas are valued and where teamwork is at the core of achieving our mission.

  8. Professional Development:

    • Take advantage of opportunities for professional development, whether through workshops, training sessions, or conferences in the book and marketing industries.

  9. Flexible Hours:

    • Enjoy flexibility in your work schedule, accommodating your other commitments or personal pursuits.

  10. Social Impact:

    • Contribute to a business with a social impact. Kindred Bookshop is dedicated to amplifying the stories of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and differently-abled communities.

  11. Access to Exclusive Events:

    • Attend and participate in exclusive events, book launches, and virtual gatherings that celebrate literature and diverse voices.

  12. Casual Dress Code:

    • Embrace a casual dress code that allows you to express your style while working in a comfortable and creative environment.

👉 How to apply

Interested candidates should submit a resume and a portfolio of their social media work or relevant projects to Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and applicants can expect to hear back within 1-2 weeks of submission.

Kindred Bookshop is an equal-opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all team members.

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