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Jasmine Daria (she/they)


Jasmine Daria is a writer, curator, and bookseller based in Raleigh, NC. She recently earned her M.A. in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Rutgers University - New Brunswick. In 2019, she received her M.A. in American Studies with a concentration in Museum Studies from the George Washington University and was recognized at the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences’ Distinguished Master’s Scholar. Her research interests include late nineteenth and early twentieth century African American history, black feminist labor histories, and what she calls “riotous women”, or black women who can be found in the midst of riots, political, and social discord. Her scholarship on Camden City’s first race riot, presented at the University of Memphis Graduate Association of African American History (GAAAH) conference in 2018, was awarded first prize. It will soon be published in an African American Religious Studies anthology. 

Additionally, she runs two online businesses. Her most recent endeavor, Kindred Bookshop is an online bookshop that is dedicated to diverse storytellers, readers, and creatives. Her other online platform, Brown Girls Love STEM is an online resource to encourage girls and women of color to pursue STEM degrees. In 2019, she was featured on Let’s Talk Bruh, a podcast on black masculinity, to discuss what black men should know about feminism. She is a Paulsboro, NJ native, descendant of Southern migrants from Georgia and North Carolina, daughter, sister, and friend. 

Jasmine Daria (she/they)
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